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What can one say about Nicky D? She’s the real deal. For her there is no on the mat, off the mat; its all yoga; Truly an expert in her craft.

From her playlists to her sequences, her classes are structured with meticulous care. She embodies integrity and discipline by adhering to the moral and ethical principles of Yoga and possesses a giving heart that shares her skill and knowledge with anyone that crosses her path.

From beginning to end her classes are like mini-retreats, each being a journey into the undercurrent of the subtle and deeper parts of ourselves. And that voice. When Nicole breaks out that harmonium and begins to chant, one can begin to feel the beauty of life that is sometimes muted by the daily grind.

I have personally heard through the grapevine her chanting bringing people to tears (of joy). I wholeheartedly could not recommend her classes more.

-Matthew G.

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Yoga for peaceful sleep

Yoga for peaceful sleep

Combined with a few juicy restoratives, this sequence is the perfect end to a busy day and will promote easy, restful sleep.

What I admire in a yoga teacher

Since I’ve started teaching, I can’t help but experience the classes that I TAKE completely differently.

How music moves me - the power of sound

How music moves me

Music has been used as an expression of devotion since the beginning of time.

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